Why do people change so fast?

Why do people only like you when they think you both are the same but decide to hate when they realize you are a step above them?
I think everyone has some sort of inferiority complex towards success and differences, or let me just say perceived success. There’s a situation whereby you are becoming a better person and your friends instead of being proud of you, will start hating and all opposing.

Becoming better person is a choice not luck. Everybody has a chance to do good or bad, to do the good wrongly or the bad rightly. Whatever the choice is, the end result is your personality–what people see and interpret. It’s how the world measure your integrity thus the way it treats you.
Help your friends to get up and go up with you but do not get caught up in their mess such that you have to leave your business or career to be with them. Do not be a man pleaser except the pleasing comes with a price tag. The better you become in holding on to the definite goal you have at hand, the more they respect you and be willing to learn from you.
Actually I like staying around people that are a step or several steps above me. That way I can learn even when not trying to. You can pick a lot from people with more experience than you are. So the only friends you should keep are the ones easily motivated by your success. Surround yourself with hardworking friends so that you can talk about your success freely, support and invest in each other.


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