43 Ways to Develop Your Mind

One of the most important tools for livelihood is the brain. It possesses all the necessary functions to create, decide and execute essential tasks. The efficiency of this system determines how perfectly we do our work and the speed.

Our entire potentials depend on the rate at which the brain develops. The rate at which information is processed is also determined by the amount of our productivity.

The most vital activities needed to be carried out by the brain is creation and problem solving.

Boost your brain

  1. Exercise deep breathing to achieve an healthy mind by having plenty of oxygen inside your brain.
  2. Change your pattern and the places you go. Avoid doing the same thing the same way every day. Go to a different place to shop and different hotels for your weekend.
  3. Avoid smoking. Drugs reduce our brain capacity. Do not take drugs before you go to bed. More energy is reserved and your body organs remain healthy and efficient.
  4. Get a pet. Research has shown that people that own pets have less to deal with loneliness.
  5. Never go out of date. Update yourself with the latest political news, health and beauty researches. Your level of intelligence grows with this every day.
  1. Develop your self-confidence and display it everywhere. Carry yourself like you own your life and never stop chasing things you desire.
  2. Take more caffeinated drinks. 3-4 cups a day is good to keep you going.
  3. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated with media propaganda. Make up your mind to believe in what you want to believe regardless of what they show on TV.
  4. Get rid of things that add stress to your life. Most of the things that get our attention are not important, identify those stressors and eliminate them.
  5. Clean your mind and environment. A clean environment improves your concentration on your goals. Your office and house should be kept tidy.
  6. Develop an interest in philosophy. When you read philosophy you will begin to see the beauty of rationalism. It creates an atmosphere with less judgement.
  7. Exercise the brain with games that stimulate your thinking such as Sudoku, chess, and puzzles etc., reading is also a good form of brain exercise.
  8. Go to new places. Travel more often to expose your mind to different way of life and atmosphere. Traveling broadens your perception when you are exposed to different cultures.
  9. Have a good breakfast and the best dinner. Consuming healthy food in the morning helps your mind to be sharp. Energetic body and mind is the most important part of having a productive day. On the other hand, a good dinner helps your sleep.
  10. Sing aloud. Many people ignore singing because they don’t think they have good voice but singing aloud helps clear the cobwebs on your mind and also helps your mood.
  11. Construct your life value. What do you want people to know you for? Are you are career person, family, integrity or principles? Create your criteria and live by it.
  12. Thank people for the good things they do. Appreciate people’s effort to make you feel good. Send family cards and gifts to show you care.
  13. Watch less movies. There are movies that motivate the brain but most movies are made to distract you from real facts
  14. Learn from successful people. Read about the success strategies they used. Learn about the life they lived before they hit the spotlight.
  15. Take a break from news for a few days every week. see how your interpretation of things will change without media.
  16. Facebook or Tweet how you feel on daily basis. If you are venting about something, post it and get over with it. Review your profile to see if anything changes overtime.
  17. Make a YouTube video of yourself doing stuff and post it. Create a video on what you think about a particular propaganda, celebrity or life in general.
  18. Join an online community of interest and write comments. Be part of a community with a uniform mind-set and ideology.
  19. List all your troubles and worries for the moment. You will be surprised to discover that you don’t have as much worries as you thought.
  20. Compliment your colleagues and friends on a particular ability they have. This encourages someone to pursue bigger goals and also introduces positive thinking by making them feel good.
  21. Teach your skills to someone. Having the power to help someone and actually helping recreates your skills.
  22. Talk less and listen more. Do not argue or compete to show people that you know something. Allow people to talk and do not interrupt.
  23. Don’t talk about the nice things you do to people. The good feeling lasts longer when you don’t talk about it.
  24. Believe in yourself, your abilities and your decisions. Destiny can be changed and only have the power over your own destiny. Create it, make it, and accomplish it.
  25. Write a short article about yourself. This creates a clear picture of what your life is all about, your perspective, plans and ambitions.
  26. Meditate for at least 15 minutes every morning to achieve a decent level of focus.
  27. Cut off negative people from your life. Eliminate those people that don’t appreciate your abilities or efforts. Surround yourself with people that believe in your crazy dream.
  28. Don’t be afraid to bargain or ask for discount. You feel a sense of victory when you buy something at a lesser price than normal.
  29. Donate money to someone to liberate yourself from extreme thoughts about money.
  30. Be a risk taker. Boredom is absent in the life of risk takers. Forget your comfort zone, do new things, go to new places, try new methods and do something you don’t want to do.
  31. Get naked in the house. When everybody is out, lock the door and get naked. There is nothing right or wrong, all you need is a taste of nature.
  32. Do things yourself. Rebel against your support system and try something by yourself. Independence is the biggest achievement and it tastes good.
  33. Read a book you hate. Watch the movie series you hate. This encourages mind control, where your impulse stays in control.
  34. Allow yourself to be embarrassed. Do something about your desires. Approach the person you want, send that proposal you think you don’t deserve, take a bold action toward your fears.
  35. Create an impossible goal. Try something most people think is impossible. Aim to disprove the mediocre standards of the society.
  36. Forgive and never dwell in the wrongs people do. Resentment holds you back and cripples your creativity. Let of unnecessary hate and refresh your brain with good thoughts.
  37. Don’t just think about what you want, write them down.
  38. Spend more time with your family. A quality time with the people you love will make you appreciate life the must.


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