How to Plan your Day for Optimal Productivity

Success is born of the actions we take on daily basis. We make different choices every day and spend different amount of time on things that matter, this brings about differences in our accomplishments and the speed by which we are able to reach our given goal.

The most important part of the privileges we obtain in the form of time is the ability to plan wisely how we are going to use it to maximize our satisfaction in various careers and businesses. One thing that is very essential in separating the poor and the rich is how their day is being spent. The lifestyle of goal-getters is extremely distinctive and uncommon among the society. This is the same reason why only few people are able to create wealth.

  1. The split plan.

Break your goals into smaller pieces and fix them into your day according to your accomplishing efficiency. Go hard on them but don’t go too hard. Do not spend the whole day working, instead create time for nourishment. Allow time to reflect on the work done and to improve based on critical analysis of results obtained.

Your day should not be all about hustling. Have a separate time to spend with family and friends, a time to exercise, time to read and a quiet time with yourself. Involve in activities separately in order to have a definite focus which will yield to definite success.

New ideas can be easily cultivated and more will be secured to achieve more things. Celebrate every little achievement as a reward for your consistency.

  1. Wake up early.

As a writer, I tend to work late so I used to think that waking up late is not a crime as I will get a fulltime sleep. The disadvantage of waking up late is you are left behind on information that is available for the morning people. You also won’t be able to accomplish as much as you should when you have spent almost half of your day sleeping.

There is always room for a nap in the afternoon in order to compensate your night sleep. Waking up early in the morning gives you ample amount of time to plan for the day before others will wake up. In the morning the brain is highly active to be able to solve insightful problems which may not be possible when the sun is already up and the weather is high.

  1. Expand your hours.

If you feel like you are not moving at a reasonable speed rate in achieving your goals, sacrifice other pleasures and put more hours of work. A beginner writer will start by writing four chapters a day because he is hungry and need to make it as fast as possible. An established writer may decide to write a chapter a day, which may take about 2 hours to accomplish. The higher you go, the more time you will be able to create for other pleasures. Work hard today and all other things will be added after you have become successful.

You may keep working and only allow for meal break in which that will take about 30 minutes. Once you put that amount of work for a month, you will be surprise how much you will be able to accomplish in a small time range. Find your motivation and maintain a definite self-discipline to be able to hold on to your goals even when you face challenges.

Remember that you are not alone in this fight. This is the exact discipline required of you to bring your dreams into reality.

  1. Stay healthy.

The importance of being healthy for a successful future cannot be overemphasized. When I started as an entrepreneur, I skip breakfast, have lunch and dinner late. I don’t exercise and I don’t allow myself rest of any kind. My health started dwindling that I had to go through a series of treatment for a while.

Slowing down, I found myself having more time to think and to be creative. I accomplished more and my profit expanded like never before. In my book How to Become Successful in Life I stated that smartness is what differentiate the poor and the rich. The poor spends more time working and earns lesser while the rich work less or doesn’t work at all and make the most money.

The amount of work sometimes doesn’t matter as much as the quality of input you applied to get a definite output. Remember, you can only enjoy your riches when you are healthy.

  1. Look for the best leverage.

Some of us are good with our work during the day but some prefer late night work. Find what works best for you and stick to it. Your family might be worried if you sleep late or don’t even sleep at night at all but once you can be able to accomplish something your heart desires; in the end they are going to be proud of you.

Finding your balance brings about proper skill improvement and growth vital for the business to reach a certain level of success. It brings about extraordinary type of success that can change the world and the lives of people. This is a place where the best energy for problem solving capability is found.

  1. Be in control.

Do not start your day by checking your Facebook, email or by making calls asking people about how they feel, if not necessary. That sounds selfish, but the essential part of creating a successful day-plan is taking charge. Those things you get in contact with that are not so relevant to your primary goals derail your focus to things that don’t matter. The society is built to make people think alike, approach things alike and have dreams alike. The few people that manage to make it above the society mediocre pattern are those with the strong will to overcome the influences.

They take charge of their day, think differently, have different purpose and of course, achieve better success in their career and business.

  1. Maintain a quiet time.

Depending on what ‘quiet time’ means to you, quiet time involves meditation and prayer. Meditation improves your focus and prayer keeps you in line with the supernatural Being, in which you believe in order to accomplish the impossible throughout the day.

Self-control, calmness and patience which are very vital structures for successful business are acquired easily through quiet time. This is done the first time before starting your day and it takes about 5 minutes and you are set.

Care less about the normal but be focused on the extraordinary. The more you pull yourself from the crowd and start listening to your business built intuition, the more you will be surprised where you will find yourself in this capitalized world. You will not only become successful but a leader, someone people will look up to.


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