Becoming a God fearing fellow comes with qualitative benefits and contributes a lot in achieving all fantasies of a successful achievement. Do not allow your run for success to cause any harm (emotionally, spiritually and physically) to anyone.

Godliness adds to wisdom, confidence (which is very vital) and the assurance of success in life career. Godliness eliminates the fear of failure and the failure itself. In fact, when we pray FERVENTLY before carrying out our errands, the feel of success comes even before taking any action but we even get double portion of our expectations when we carry out the event in truth and comfort. Be yourself! This is your life! You are on the driver’s seat.

Be different from the ungodly and reach up to your goal with faith and obedience. Life is too short to spend our time doing nothing. Time is too precious to “use” for the fulfillment of nothing. Remember, once struggled but never before. When you use life wisely, life is going to respect you, and the success is yours.

Being a God fearing success pursuer gives your mind an inspiration of truthfulness, in which you don’t have to waste time contemplating whether to be truthful on an issue or not. It gives you a standard, a principle that each and every person will see and respect regardless of your indigene, colour or age. Be Godly.


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