I Made My First Paycheck at 16

20160419_124648-1If you’re 18 and still think you are too young to start being valuable and getting paid, well let me break it to you…I made my first paycheck when I was just 16.

Just because nobody’s doing it around you doesn’t mean you cannot be the first person to do it.

I don’t have a desire to be just comfortable and contented.

My desire is to be in an industry where I can control things, make and break things if necessary.

I want to be the one in control. I don’t want circumstances to determine where I go or who I hang out with. I don’t want recession, lack or society-prone insecurities to affect me or the people that matter to me.

The only way to achieve this is to be out of the world; to be the higher achiever regardless of age or time.

I want to have influence over what comes in or goes out of my society. I wanted control.

The only way to be in control is to be successful and independent, so people will depend on you, directly or indirectly.

Being a man wasn’t an option but definite.

Now back to the main talk!

I created value that earned me a check when I was just 16. Yeah, I think I’ve been an entrepreneur from the womb, or maybe I like numbers with a plus sign.

You don’t need to start living the American dream from your first day, nobody succeeds on the first day. You just need to start somewhere and keep on climbing. Your speed depends only on your consistency and how well you understand the technicality involved on each step.

I made a lot of mistakes along the way but after every fall, I made sure that I picked the lessons and rise along with them.

So, you’re not too young or too old to start making difference in your life. Ask me why? It’s not just about you. Mostly, it’s not even about you. It’s about the lives you are going to save and the number of smiles you will invent on different faces. When you make a positive difference in your life, people get affected and that’s what matters.


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