40 Ways to Be Irresistibly Attractive

Attractiveness is a natural desire of a normal human being. We tend to need love and attention from people and this is practically healthy.  The most important aspect of acquiring such attention and love is by being attractive and staying attractive.

This involves the magnetic pull that needs to be maintained using charm and appeal.  It also involves being interesting and staying interesting.

Confidence and wittiness remain the pillars to hold this attribute. Confidence is achieved when there is extreme self-love. Attractive people don’t need to impress prospective friends or business partners. They have a particular philosophy of life and say NO to any idea that doesn’t meet their precepts.

Bullets towards Extreme Attractiveness

  1. Construct your philosophy. Have a principle to live by. Religion, moral and the society are regulated by certain theories. The people that stand out have a unique view of these factors, therefore having a unique way of approaching situations concerning life.
  2. Upgrade your lifestyle. Experiment in an attempt to explore how different things feel in a lifetime, and focus on the best things. Bring together the smartest elements that make your life reasonable, elements that help you improve. Find things that excite your imaginations, fears and fantasies, bring them together and make a cluster of a lifestyle.
  3. Laugh and be easy. Do not regulate where and how you laugh. Smile gives an impression that you are living the good life therefore exert a pull on the interest of people. Life can be easy, there is nothing serious.
  4. Maintain the authoritative demeanor. Be the bigger you in every aspect possible. The authority doesn’t need to be applauded but always commends people’s effort.
  5. Find your inner charm. Dwell in a zone you can shine. Fascinate yourself with your inner God-given abilities and talents.
  6. Never stop learning. Read good books, exercise and expose yourself to new experience. Try the risky task and record your progress. Invite the influence of others as an opportunity to learn.
  7. Accept challenge as an opportunity to prove you are a winner. Do not fret when exposed to dangerous situations. Consider them as a test of capabilities to discover your weakest side, to improve.
  8. Provide confidence to others. Everybody is on the quest for acceptance and the desire to be loved. Making others feel loved and appreciated makes you the hero.
  9. Do not complain, just execute. Do not waste time reminiscing on how things should be, find an exit strategy and implement. Do not look for excuse, look for an opportunity to execute.
  10. Go deep with empathy. Allow others to know that you share feelings and that you understand their pains. Your compassion and responsiveness to difficulties is very important.
  11. Build an emotion to increase others’ sense of value. Understand, talk, listen, hold hands, and hug.
  12. Be absolute and discreet. Let your opinions and demands be clear. Employ honesty and give fewer reasons for people to doubt you.
  13. Be thankful and let them know it. Allow others to feel appreciated.
  14. Go extra mile. Once in a while, go out of your way to offer help. Give a total attention to people’s need for a particular time being. Less and less people are selfless today, being one of the few creates good people creates a lifetime impression on people’s mind.
  15. Be a giver of extraordinary gifts. Give time, attention and unique opportunities. Give things that are rare in the society, something you have.
  16. Allow yourself to be attracted. Since everyone is trying to be attractive by pulling different strings, allow yourself to be drawn to this people. You will find out how easy life is when you are not the one looking for attention.
  17. Lead a life of mutual beneficiary. Allow yourself to benefit from your relationship. You cannot be the total provider. Go with the flow and let others help.
  18. Employ humility in unexpected situations. Many people find it hard to be humble. Pride cannot provide what humility cannot provide. Stay low and calm.
  19. Be more self-absorbed than absorbed. Engage in activities rather than trying to engage others. Mind your business and focus on being good at it.
  20. Find that unique unusual spot. Dwell in the spot, create energy to keep you undeterred and allow your instinct to take control.
  21. Let go of the need to impress. Leave the urge to impress to people fishing for acceptance.  In this case, aim to be desirable. Do more to your outlook and less to impress.
  22. See the good side of people as they are. Give opportunity to people to be real.
  23. Be more of a good listener than a talker. Everybody wants to talk. Don’t get in the completion, run the completion.
  24. Live the perfect life. Work on your cobwebs. Settle all the unsettled matters in your life. Part of being charming is the absence of baggage, the perfect life.
  25. Create situations in substance. Be the creator. Make things happen. Take the first risk, let other follow.
  26. Be choosy about your choice of people. The quality of company people you keep increases the quality of things that come into your life. Your standards should be high.
  27. Aim for satisfaction. Embark on activities that will support your personal demands. Set a goal towards personal satisfaction.
  28. Stay off arguments or be the first to walk out. Cancel argument from your life. If you have to be in one, make it short.
  29. Unless requested, no need to help. Let them ask for help.
  30. Don’t get too caught up. Find a balance between helping people and betraying your personal interest. Don’t allow their problems to be your problem.
  31. Create a stress-free lifestyle. Do not create complexity, plan your time wisely and follow each task with grace.
  32. Focus on good grooming. Exercise, eat good food and wear good clothes.
  33. Enjoy the moment. Do not overthink your chances, good things come to people that wait.
  34. Control less, don’t stress. You don’t need to be in control of everything around. Take deep breath and allow things to go down naturally.
  35. Improve your psych, read more books. Have all the information you need. Reading increases your brain absorption capability.
  36. Aspire to be successful. Nobody likes a Failure. People with big achievement steal the attentions.
  37. Stop being boring. Being pretty or handsome isn’t enough. Get out of your comfort zone and stop being self-conscious. Learn conversational triggers and socialize more.
  38. Stay available. Show that you are reliable, to meet with the expectation at that particular occasion.
  39. Get naked. Turn people on. Turn the desire to involve you on by opening up. Show them more than they expect to know.
  40. Don’t try to be attractive. Love yourself and all that you are. Be attractive for yourself because not everybody will like you.

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