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Hello, It’s time to do business, leave whatever you are doing and read this post carefully. Thanks.

It is vividly understood that we all want to make more money no matter how rich we are right now.

A lot of people are making it large through online business but not everyone is actually succeeding. As I am making it through internet marketing, I felt the need to help my friends by creating this investment program called DoWell Investment.

I have a chain of financial experts and internet marketing moguls who are dedicated to both web optimization and monetization simultaneously. I create the DoWell Investment program purposefully to help you make money without going through the technical stress and risks involved in the business. Let your money work for you!

How Does This Work?
You become a partner by signing a partnership deal for 10 months with me and my company with the minimum amount of N10,000 and maximum of N500,000.

10% of your investment will be paid to you every month for the period of that 10 months while your initial capital/investment is still intact and can be withdrawn any time after 3 month of investment.

For Instance, you invested N100,000, at the end of every month for 10 month, you will be taking N10,000 from DoWell Investment and at the end of the 10th month, we will remit your N100,000 back to you which can be either re-invested or taken.

Other Benefits of Becoming DoWell Investor:
– Your Money Works For You
– Flexible Payment Plan
– Awards and Special Rewards for DoWell Investors.

Note: Maximum of 50 investors are needed to start with after which the investment window will be closed and the rest might be considered later.


What if we don’t want to withdraw, we actually keep all our money there with the intention of withdrawing the full doze after 10 months. Is it allowed?
Yes, it is allowed.
Is there any risk behind this investment, and how can the deal be signed? offline or online?
Firstly, there’s risk in every investment but no loss will affect my investors because the business is insured in many ways. An agreement form is being issued containing the signature of the investor and the investment collaborator.
What if you want to involve in the activities of the business, like investing your expertize and your money at the same time, is there a room for partnership?
There will be room for partnership if you have any experience in web programming or copywriting. This may bring about raise in your monthly percentage, but I am yet to make that opening yet.
When will I start receiving my interest?
You will start receiving your interest by the end of the following month after your initial investment.

PS: This investment program is strictly based on mutual trust. I don’t work with people I’m not already in some sort of business with or have no personal connection with. In order to be able to invest WE HAVE TO BE IN BUSINESS or HAVE PERSONAL CONNECTION. So if you are reading this and want to invest, you must have made a personal contact with me before sending any fund. Please don’t send money to any of the bank accounts if you’re not among the two criteria.

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JOSHUA DANIEL, C.E.O  DoWell Investment, JdyBase Inc



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