Double Down on What’s Already Working


A lot of us make the mistake of running towards every opportunity that seems to work for others. The truth is, anything that is done well can fetch you the definite amount of money you want, although at a different speed rate.

Nevertheless, it is better to reinvest and double down on what is already working for you right now either by investing on information or a particular experiment or trial that might lead to a breakthrough. Update yourself with new information about that particular thing and try different optimization method to make sure you are getting the best results. Thus, if you have to change to something particularly new, you will need to learn from the start and it will take you longer to master the strategies essential for making a tangible profit. So, if you’re making $1000 a month right now, there’s always a way to make more than that the next month. Just research and know your field very well while being creative.


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