How to Deal with Criticism in a Relationship and Business

Disapproval is often perceived as rejection but has an advantage of carving us into the people we need to be. People must disagree with our opinions and lifestyles but the way we respond to this reproach defines the kind of people we are.

In business or personal relationship, criticism can be dealt by simple avoidance, to continue despite the pressure and not to comment or respond in any way.

Criticism makes you obsessed with what people think about you. On the bright side utter denunciation gives you a chance to reassess your work to make sure that you are doing things the right way.

Criticism is not always condemnation and condemnation is not always criticism. Sometimes criticism may come from this innocent fellow that wants you to improve in your relationship. It is almost like a feedback when people assess our behaviors or outputs. It is almost like judgement but how you deal with it is very important.

Advantages of Criticism for Business Relationships

Develop your humility. It is almost impossible to see your weaknesses alone. People tend to paint the picture vividly when they criticize our work, so we humbly change for good.

Criticism gives you new ideas. Some people love to suggest how you should live your life; yes they might be right about something. Their ideas might lead us to another important idea for growth.

Support improvement of perspective. All your unrealistic dreams will be dissolved while you focus on more realistic quest.

Forgiveness and letting go is best practiced where reproach is rampant. Our frustrations will be directed towards positive thinking.

The most criticized become active listeners. There is no need to assess or analyse everything in your head, so you just listen. This helps your active listening skills.

Inter-personal relationship benefits

Improves your problem solving skills and helps you practice patience. When you build patience towards the people that don’t like you, it is easy to actualize and implement an intellectual task even under stress.

Criticism creates a window for active rational thinking even under pressure. It deepens your knowledge and also validates your analysis.

Exploration of unresolved issues becomes possible. It helps you to cover more ground and also let go of unimportant things.

Disapproval creates more realism. Our friends and families love us for who we are. So they love everything we do because they love us. Our work comes of value only when strangers analyze and comment honestly about it.

Another emotional benefit is it helps when we are able to practice inner control. Less of our actions will be determined by our emotions.

Personal Relationship

It gives you a chance to also speak your heart. When people criticize, they speak what they feel. So you can also respond by telling you how you want to be talked to and address any issue at the moment. A moment of truth is achieved through censure.

Reduced possibility of drama in our relationships is achieved. It makes more sense when our partner is trying to help us become better people. Whenever we feel criticized, we pause and reflect, then discover our weakness. Sometimes the best way to create the change we always want is when we are criticized openly.

The truth hurts and when people are blatant, we get hurt, giving us a chance to change for good.

On the other hand, it builds our resistance to overreact on simple disapproval. Even the people we love think differently. So you are able to ignore and focus your energy on the positivity of your intentions.

You will come to realize that pleasing everyone is unnecessary. Even when you do right someone must condemn you. You will learn to love yourself, believe in your instinct and to do good things regardless of the individual on the picture.

Ego suppression is easily implemented for your relationship to thrive. Criticism creates open-mindedness between couples, and nothing crushes ego than openness. The constant need for approval is eliminated from your mind-sets and all of you will picture criticism as an opportunity to learn instead of a weapon to destroy each other.

The best relationships are built on blatant criticism and the realism that no perfection is achieved in a relationship, but the effort of people trying to become better people.

Social confidence

Criticism helps you accept the fact that imperfection is healthy, flaws are okay and weakness is common. The more you try to be perfect the less accepted you become. Give people what they expect. Give people what to relate with, the weaknesses and flaws of a normal human.

Understand that being disapproved or condemned on your career or relationship journey is vital to your choices. This gives you a clear view of the valuable, the useless and the ones you should spend a little time with and move on.

It develops your numbness towards unnecessary comments. You will listen less to people and focus on the given goal at hand.

The more progress you make in your business or relationship, the more criticism you receive. This helps you to differentiate between technical criticism that will add value and the ones aimed at distracting your bigger goals.

We already have too many negative thoughts in our minds. When we discover that a certain criticism is valueless, it helps us make an amendment and shred the corresponding valueless thoughts within.

Also, if we initially think that we have a certain weakness or flaw that needs to be improved, being criticized on the same issue confirms our doubts, creating an opportunity for change.

The accomplishment window

People faced with a lot of criticism have more to achieve.  They respond correctly to people and develop friendship and business contacts with people of greater technical know-how.

Regrets and fears are easily turned into braveness and insightfulness. As time goes on, feelings matter less and the amount of success accumulated becomes your top priority. You will make efficient use of the moment since you don’t need to get in touch with your emotional side before you make every decision.

A prospective business partner may be poor in conversation or interaction; negative or critical; having this knowledge will help to easily focus on the positive side of having to keep in touch with them.

Spend more time doing the needful in respond to what the person said instead of wasting time contemplating whether they are right or not.

Appreciate criticism to the utmost. Use it for your own advantage by improving everyday how you respond to it. Be glad that you won’t have to waste time before finding out about the imperfection. Use the information to angle your goals unto disproving or proving the elements of the criticism.

Self-confidence and positive feelings can be maintained when criticism is expected and handle with all passion and wisdom.


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