Choose Your Friends Carefully

Choose your friends carefully and who you spend time with. Some people don’t like the idea of “growth” and they won’t improve but still expect you to tolerate their carelessness and give them the same attention everyday. Do not drag yourself in the mud just because your friends cannot get up and walk. Know when a particular friendship is the same reason you are not moving forward. Help and never stop helping but know when you are not actually helping by helping. The reason we live is to experience everything to the utmost. Movement is the most important part of life. Growth is part of that movement which is important for young people. Just because you’ve been doing the same thing for four years and still enjoying it doesn’t mean is good for you presently. Learn to test the waters. There are a lot of things out here that you are missing. Your friends might be the preservative and careful but your heart is your purpose, follow your dream. Businesses are waiting to learn, employ and implement your expertise. A lot of people maybe out of job without you. Do not lose focus while making friends, choose them friends carefully.


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