#CeleWeekly Episode 1: Miss Yola Opens Up On Being a Plus-Size Model, Talks High School and Future Plans

You are welcome to the first episode of the #CeleWeekly series, a weekly post where we feature young artists, models and entrepreneurs for their greatness, zeal and breakthroughs. Today we have the recently crowned Miss Yola, Ladidi Ishaku Bameri. She is known for her energetic spirit and the boss-like personality, which ultimately makes her standout and easily recognized.

Let’s start from your origin. Many people would like to know about your hometown, and from which part of Adamawa you are.

I’m from Jada LGA, Nyibango village to be precise.

I’m a native of Chamba AKA samba.

How is becoming Miss Yola treating you?

It has been worth it. I’m enjoying every moment! I thank God.

What do you like most about becoming a model?

Let me rephrase that… I’m a plus size model and what I like most is about me being unique and I love the attention I’m getting. I will make good use of the platform and do something for the community.

That’s good I love the spirit.

[SMILES] Love the Boss.

Do you ever feel intimidated by skinny ladies.. ever ever?

Absolutely not.  There’s nothing adorable about being a broomstick! I’m very confident in my skin.

LOL, I guess most African men prefer thick ladies too.

Hell YEA, they have to grab something you know. [JOKING]


In general, what do you think about size, when it comes to modeling?

See question o…JDY kana neman dukka ko?

LOL from a queen… “ba damuwa”

Size shouldn’t be a barrier…there is more to modeling than physical looks…confidence, poise, charms, hard work and intelligence are the main factors.

Right. How do you maintain your figure?

Frequent sex!

It works like magic.

Wow, that’s unusual but I will take it.

[LAUGHS]Sex is my yoga

So, talking about personality and figure, what were you like in secondary school?

I’ve always been super confident in high school that’s why they gave me the name “Boss-Lady”

I guess that’s why your fans are also confident with you.

Exactly bro…The babe got fans.


What did your parent first think of you being a model and where they supportive?

I have the most supportive parents in the game…shout to Mr. and Mrs. Bameri.

When you were younger what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

A chef because I love food.

Great choice!

Who do you think has had the largest influence on the person you are today?

My big sister, Ussah AKA CEO pepper-them-gang.

So, getting back to basics. How would you make this world a better place?

Please answer that for me.

You’ve got to give me something.

I’ll try in the best of my ability to help the less privileged, give food to the hungry and hope for the hopeless.

Okay, thank you.

As we wrap this up, what advice would you give to aspiring models?

Be you, do you…be focused and you can achieve anything.

Is there anything you would like to add, about anything?

For all those who bullied me back then in primary school, look at me now. Those who called me “fattybombom”, F—- you! I’m better than y’all, I’m balling b——.

Well, they should be afraid already.

{SMILES}Hell yea dawg.

I’m glad to have you on the first Episode of the #CeleWeekly series. Thanks for your time.

But you will have me again, right?

Yes, of course. I got you.

Stay tuned for the next  #CeleWeek episode featuring an amazing artist; which would be apparently longer as we talk about the music industry, struggles, controversies and the grand plan.

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  1. Seriously broomstick?
    A beauty queen with this type of language? You are suppose to be a role model to this upcoming children but rather you are a disgrace to yola in general because from the way you are sounding you are full of hate. ✌️

  2. eggzactly @slimsexy….u are right….she dont know dat those “broomstick” are the top rolling models. In d world at large..not “hippos”

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