#CeleWeekly Episode 3: MustyWhite – About Yola Carnival, New Music and Challenges Faced

Today I’m on the CeleWeekly with another young person from the music industry, MustyWhite. This is the #CeleWeekly series, featuring young zealous people every Friday for their contributions in the society, music, entrepreneurship, charity and the entertainment industry in general. MustyWhite has been singing for a while and recently released an unusual song which he named #Karyansu. We shall be talking about that and many more interesting details.

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Due to formality, can you tell us a little about your music background?


I will like to introduce myself. My name is Mustafa Damilola Bakare. Better known by Mustywhite. I started recording music at age of 15 and managed to release collaborative songs with the glorious 5. In a group I and couple of school friends and street ghetto friends formed.

My family love and support music. And music is in my blood since when I was a kid. Fela Kuti, Shina peter, I k dairo, King Sunny Ade and Oyeka. This legends inspire me because I love listening to their songs.


We recently had the Yola carnival event which I happen to be among the key sponsors. Yola carnival was where the first Miss Yola was crowned, as a result made the event more significant this year compared to the past years. Can you talk a little bit about the event?


First of all Yola carnival is the biggest event in Adamawa which was discovered in the year 2013 with the aid of the many people out there the event stands to be a living soul.it all started like a play because many obstacles had being sustained regarding the progress of the event but I bless God and also my mum through her prayers obstacles happened to be knocked down in the years 2013.2014 and also 2016 progress was pushed and the most funniest aspect of that scenario is that those people that had unknown dispute and envy towards the event are the ones showing much interest to the event. And that’s what I always prayed for because when there are obstacles your problem are left undefined. So this year’s carnival happened to be an amazing thing to me due to the fact that many support was rendered. You know Adamawa entertainment industry was very low in the previous years but as the new platform of government takes over of which my unending commend and regards goes to our present governor in person of his excellence Governor Jibrilla Bindow, Adamawa culture and tourism, Miss Tourism, Stubbornboizrecord and also my team Sparkboiz. Adamawa is state of great integrity and good personalities but what baffles me a lot is when our cultural heritage is being taken for granted due to the white men’s ways and life practice. So Yola carnival serve as a reminder to our outdated culture and to our own life practice.


That’s great. Do you think the carnival will revolutionize the perception of music or art in the state at all, on the basis of value?


Yea most definitely because as far as the event goes on, much progress in the initial state of music and art will be attain in less time. All we need is support and when I said support I aint talking about that of capital am talking some other intentions that you wish to render the support. You know art and music goes hand in hand because the word art itself it originated from the gene of the entertainment we all drive pleasure from. And also unity moves the train to the safe station I guess you know what I mean bro. 



You talked about challenges; what are the common challenges being faced when organizing such event?


There are a lot challenges which was attained but I will made mention of few because of our time factor. I guess the main stepped stone of the barrier was that of capital and like have told earlier things was hard in the previous years because of the lack of governmental support in the capital aspect. Carnival is an of the not for a specific local government area in the state and what I want you to understand is that government should provide the helping hand financially to the organizers to get things in order. And secondly, the lack of unity among we all individually in the state because if I should make exceptions things might not move according to our plan. We should learn to show some love by appreciating our own progress as the progress itself starts a single a day. You know the reason behind my proclamation towards this is because there are a lot dudes out there that might say a lot irrelevant things just in order to tarnish the reputation of the event as progress comes in. So it’s very obvious that we cannot sleep in the same bed because we dream different and that’s one of the claims that define our differences. I’ve got a lot to say on this topic but nevertheless I gats reserve some comment to be untold. As they are very confidential.


Okay, let’s drift to your music in particular. If I may ask, among your songs, what’s the song you’ve written that came out of nowhere? 


Am a kind of artist that do music to inspire people. And my music is all about passing a message. I have many songs. But I will like to choose this song that I drop last week #karyansu. 


It’s a nice song. By the way what was the message you intend to “pass” with Karyansu?


Karyansu simply mean lies people tell about people on some things that never happened. No matter how carefully you choose. Your word they will always end up being twisted by others. Gossip is just a tool to distract people.


Do you have any favorite artist from the north? 


Yeah bro am a singer.  Don’t be surprised if I say BOC and Classic. Those niggas are good. They are my favorite artist. For now.



Traditionally, we ask featured individuals 2 to 3 random personal questions just pick their brains. Since we still have time, let’s get it.


What was the best advice ever given to you?


I have lot of best advice from many important people that I will never forget in my life but I will like to take my mum’s advice as the best advice ever. She said. “Son always remember where you are coming from everywhere you go and always give God the glory no matter what happens.”


Do you consider yourself an arithmetic or theory guy?


Nawa for you j d y. Let me go for theory.


I see that coming…

 What advice would you give someone just starting up in the music industry? 


My advice to young artist out there; Huna no how the stuff they be. The game isn’t easy at all. My advice is in fact part of your early years should be a geared toward hunting for opportunities to perform for free opportunities that just let you get your art out there to larger audience base you see no one will tell you the truth about their career. Beginning but the fact is they all went through a lot. Of them stuff only base on imagination when time are hard as a young. Musicians sleep in the studio and make music out of that hunger and pain and frustration. Believe me bro one day you will advise those young artists coming. Am not saying am at the top but am very sure very soon we will get there finally.


Okay, thank you.

Anything you want to add? 


Believe me brother one day you will advise those young artist coming and Am not saying a am the top but big sure day my mind that I will get there finally. It’s all about time. If God campaign for you even devil will vote for you.


Thanks for your time.

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See you next Friday.


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