Celebrity Week: “You really made me proud today” – Lakem Afraimu on Personal Experiences, Shares Some Thoughtful Advice and Fun Facts

Lakem Musa Afraimu, hailing from Demsa local government area, and Mbula by tribe. She’s from the family of eight and the last born. Lakem schools at Adamawa State Polytechnic Yola, the one student from the department of Mass Communication. The beautiful lady has been a model for a while and she has participated quiet a bit in activities involving culture, tourism and social improvement. Stay with me, as you get to know more about this amazing lady.


Jdy: Ugly and live forever, or look attractive and die in a year?

Lakem: {Laughs} Look attractive in a year of course, because if I’m not attractive nobody will like the idea of me being a model or even a public figure.

Jdy: How so?

Lakem: Of course if you are not attractive, even me I would not like to talk to you. But if you are beautiful and attractive everybody will like to come close to you, they will like to get to know you. Even if you are not around, people will still talk about you.

Jdy: So you like the idea of leaving a mini-legacy, an impression kind of effect everywhere you go?

Lakem: Yes.

Jdy: But what if an unattractive person decides to do something great, invent or put in place something out of this world? Scratch that… what do you think of the notion that says “Beauty is from the inside?”

Lakem: Yea beauty is from the inside, meaning if you are not beautiful in the inside you won’t be beautiful in the outside. Because a person with a good heart is someone who has a beauty in the heart but when you don’t have a good heart, you also don’t have the physical beauty…

Jdy: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

Lakem: I thought about the interview and I was very nervous because I never had an interview… this is my first time. I was scared, and very nervous.

Jdy: So how are you feeling now?

Lakem: A lot better and confident.

Jdy: Well, as you can see, this hosting is going to take a new twist, I’m going to ask you anything random that comes to my mind and you are going to answer as fast as you can. I like the entertainment part much more and that’s exactly what we are going to begin with. Are you ready?

Lakem: Yes!

Jdy: Okay, who do you think lie more in the relationship, guys or girls?

Lakem: I think it’s the guys.

Jdy: Why do you say that?

Lakem: The guys lie the most. In fact they are perfect in that (chuckles), and they run away from their responsibilities. They cheat a lot in a relationship.

Jdy: Perfect? Can you give an example of a perfect lie you once heard or experienced?

Lakem: When a guy wants to date a girl, he will borrow a car, come to her place and tell her that this is his car. Or, he will go and borrow some clothes so that the girl will like him. Or he will take her to a friend’s house and show her the house as his own.

Jdy: You have some strong examples…still don’t want to agree that guys are the perfect liars but let’s just leave it like that.

What are your five favourite foods?

Lakem: Well, rice and beans, that’s one; rice and stew; fresh fish, vegetable and Semovita; spaghetti; and then Miyan Kuka and Tuwon Shinkafa.

Jdy: Hypothetically, if you were arrested, what would your friends and family think you did?

Lakem: Well, they will assume I ate somebody’s food, because I like food. Maybe I stole somebody’s food… because I can’t see food and leave it.

Jdy: WOW, Do you think that fish gets thirsty inside water?

Lakem: Yea.

Jdy: What proof do you have?

Lakem: I don’t have a proof but I think they do get thirsty, because they are not drinking the water. Its only when they are thirsty will they open their mouth for water to go in.

Jdy: Wow, now I’m getting educated actually.

Jdy: What is the best compliment you’ve received recently?

Lakem: “You really made me proud today.”

Jdy: Can you share the occasion that led to that compliment with us?

Lakem: When I contested for the beauty pageant, this year around July. They told me that even if I don’t win they are still part of me.

Jdy: WOW. You have a sweet set of friends!

Talking about beauty pageant, which tribe in Nigeria do you think value culture the most?

Lakem: I think the Igbos. The way they handle culture is different from other tribes. For festivals, they so much value the tradition of their forefathers… even the rituals.

Jdy: As a person, what is the biggest problem you had to overcome recently?

Lakem: Yesterday, I wrote exams and went out with my answer booklet.

Jdy: Say what!!!?

Lakem: I had to go back and find a way to get it in again. I had to explain to the supervisors before I was able to submit.

Jdy: That’s brave.

You did great. Getting back to the modelling subject, do you feel the need to fit into a certain standard as a model?

Lakem: I love who I am. I think I’m perfect just this way. I don’t want to be somebody else. In summary, I want to be me.

Jdy: Wait, why did you choose to be a model in the first place?

Lakem: I have passion for modelling, because whenever I see it on the TV it gives me the zeal to join. It gives me joy. I like what they are doing, what they are achieving and I wanted to be a part of these people.

Jdy: Which beauty tip do you swear by?

Lakem: First of all you have to remember that black is beautiful. Meaning, say no to skin bleaching. Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder.

Jdy: What are your goals as a model?

Lakem: There are many goals I want to achieve. My first goal is basically charity. I want to organize a donation system for the less privileged, take care of the IDPs, and I want to organize this group that will work on liberation against street begging. I want to enlighten parents about the negative effect of begging in the streets. Children supposed to be in school. While others are in school, they are not suppose to be begging on the road. That’s my first goal. Then I want to enlighten students, especially girls about HIV and prostitution.

Jdy: Every girl now wants to be a model. What do you think of the younger generation also eager to become models? What advice would you give a “zygote” trying to become a model?

Lakem: The proper age to become a model should be 18 years and above. You could be a model at certain standards, but if you are not up to eighteen, it is not advisable. You have to focus on your studies, you are still a child.

Jdy: What’s your general success advice?

Lakem: My advice is that you stay focused in everything they do. When you want to do something, you should do it with sincerity and confidence. When you are serious, let your action show seriousness.

Jdy: Thank you for your time, we would like to have you again.

Lakem: Would love that, thanks.

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