Celebrity Spotlight: Long Talk with Emily Hussaini on Adamawa State Political Status, Commends Governor Bindow, Talks Modelling & Love for Wrestling

The celebrity spotlight has been surreal for sometime but things have gotten better even with the recent challenges faced within the State. Emily Hussaini has been in the spotlight for a while and being the beautiful person, we are discussing some sensitive and not-so-sensitive issues bothering Adamawa State and the country Nigeria as a whole. Read on as the aspiring Miss Yola and also the upcoming Miss Nigeria separates the chaffs from the grain.

Emily: My name is Emily Hussaini, and I’m from Shelleng local government, I started my primary school in Numan where I stayed with my grandparents. But when they died I was transferred back to Yola and continued at Banner Christian School. From there I went back to Kiri to finish up my primary school, where I also did my Secondary School. I then came back to Yola to study at the College of Legal Studies which I graduated by the year 2016. Currently I’m waiting for admission to start my degree.

Jdy: Okay, admission for which institution?

Emily: Adamawa State University, Mubi

Jdy: MAUTECH is close by, why didn’t you choose here?

Emily: I prefer to school afar. If I choose to school here I may not read, because I will always be at home and won’t have the time to read.

Jdy: You started your formal education at Numan, what’s your say about what happened concerning security issues recently?

Emily: We are always praying that the government will be responsive in making sure that people are safe, and that peace should reign long-term. When such things happen, economy dwindles, people close shops, and even the market getting closed for some few days is a disadvantage to the economy of the town People don’t have to leave their comfort zones unexpectedly to seek for refuge for the sake of tribal insecurity.

Jdy: Talking about government looking into the matter for a long-term peace to reign, what would you do if you were given a say on the decision-making process to make the issue go away permanently?

Emily: First of all, the issue of revenge should be dissolved, since what has happened has already happened. The only thing that should be done is for the government to make room for peaceful negotiation in order to maintain an understanding between the Bachama and the Fulanis.

Jdy: That’s good.

Shifting away from the negativities of our times, lets focus for now on your personality. Are you more of a philosopher or an entertainer?

Emily: Am an entertainer.

Jdy: What sort of?

Emily: I love dancing, and with modelling, I love doing things that will capture the minds of people. Some people may be in a sad situation and entertainment is one thing that will make them forget about their sorrows.

Jdy: So you would try to be a particular saviour…bringing light to the gloomy emotions?

Emily: Yea.

Jdy: Okay, looking at the beautiful person from across and all, apart from the looks, what would you do to get people’s attention?

Emily: Helping the underprivileged is what I would want to do once I become successful in life. Sometimes when I see them on the street I have to stop and talk to them. It is devastating that some kids can’t go to school while living in the same country with same privileges. Sometimes you just have to pause and talk to them so that you can understand what they are going through.

Jdy: You talked about the aspect of helping people, the underprivileged, what about the aspect of bringing people together, virtually the thing we need at every level especially in Adamawa State and Northeast right now?

Emily: The only thing you can do is to show love. Because when you show love to your neighbours and the people around, you will become a role model, and if you are a peacemaker, living peacefully, some people would like to imitate you. Even though religious sentiment might be a stumbling block to unity you can try as much as possible to show that you love both sides, and we may have peace at the end.

Jdy: Great.

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Jdy: So Emily, are you a movie or a music person?

Emily: Well, I love music and movies but not that much. What I actually love is wrestling and cartoons.

Jdy: Wrestling, wow. I’m more of a wrestling lover too. You know in football we have our best players, best clubs, etc., who is your best wrestler, your favourite?

Emily: Roman Reigns

Jdy: Roman Reigns, woah. What’s about him, what do you love most about Roman?

Emily: He is always focused and has this kind of confidence that he can face any challenge brought to him. There is no fear in him, whatever he does. No matter how huge you are he can stand and fight you, and he is likely to win. Because I’ve seen that in Brown Strowman, a huge and strong person but still Roman beat him like two times. Despite the beating and hospitalization, he still came back to fight and win. I can remember his arms were not too good in his last fight but was still able to fight, which resulted to win.

Jdy: Wow, he’s got some strong willpower.

Emily: Yes

Jdy: You know you can use that as a motivation for real life situations as well; regardless how injured you are by failures and challenges…

Emily: you can still make it.

Jdy: That’s right

So how about the cartoons? I didn’t forget.

Emily: [Laughs] I love cartoons for the fun. Like when am angry or sad, and don’t have anyone to talk to, I will just tune in to Cartoons and before you know it I’m back to the good mood. It literally makes me happy.

Jdy: Do you feel intimidated as a person by competition, on the basis of modelling, pageant etc?

Emily: I’ve been through many competitions. For example when I started as a model, I was scared and the people I had to compete with were intimidating. Despite all the challenges and fear,  I still came out as the winner. I won the Miss Dera in Kiri Dang.

Jdy: Wow, which year?

Emily: The year was 2016.

Jdy: Wonderful. What makes a phenomenal woman?

Emily: A phenomenal woman is a woman that does not depend on a man. She is always focused on what she needs to be doing. She never relies on anybody. A phenomenal woman is a woman that always knows what she wants. She doesn’t allow distractions to come her way, and even if she is faced with challenges, she is strong enough to win against all odds.

Jdy: Okay, randomly, if you were to choose another capital city for Adamawa apart from Yola, which town would it be?

Emily: Wow, I can’t think of another better place because I love Yola too much. I’m not even thinking about leaving Adamawa seriously?

Jdy: You are not thinking about leaving Adamawa?

Emily: No, no way,

Jdy: WOW

Emily: I know that something will come up, but if it is me I would love to stay here, do everything here, maybe get a job, all these stuffs, and even get old because I love it here.

Jdy: So you have already seen yourself in the future here in Adamawa?

Emily: Yea

Jdy: Coincidentally, my next question supposed to be “how do you see yourself in the future?” so I’m only gonna ask again, how else do you imagine yourself in the future?

Emily: {chuckles} in the future I imagined myself being the Miss Nigeria, that’s my dream.

Jdy: You may not stay as long in Adamawa then…

Emily: [Laughs] yes, that’s my dream.

Jdy: I believe in you.

Emily: Thank you.

Jdy: Well, can you think of something people don’t appreciate that you want them to start appreciating?

Emily: Okay, let me just put it this way, focusing specifically on Adamawa State; There are things the government do for the people that we don’t see or choose to brush off because we don’t have a heart of thanksgiving. Take for example, the less privileged and the displaced that are in the camp. The government are trying their best with them but people tend not to see it. So at least let the people allow the government to work because by allowing them to do what they can, we would be able to reason with them. So I’d like people to begin to appreciate what the government is doing for a change. You are the one that voted, so there is no need for condemnation. It’s not good like that. For example, with our Governor right now, some people are complaining about salary while some are thanking Him for the good roads. Am among the people that appreciate his effort for the road because I never knew road would come to Shelleng and I really really appreciate him. Even if I’m a civil servant I’d prefer the roads than my salary, because with these roads at least now in Kiri there are many stations, new businesses,  and things are flowing better than before. So people should learn how to appreciate, at least to encourage the good works.

Jdy: You’ve made some great points. We are already out of time but do you have any message you want to send across?

Emily: I don’t have much to say but I’d like to inform my friends and fans to be active during the miss Yola contest and voting. I would need there love and support again, because without them I wouldn’t be here.

Jdy: Okay thank you, we would like to have you here again.

Emily: I’d be glad to, thanks.

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  1. Show me jdy’s interview without a WOW and i will dash u my phone. Not from the north bt i love what you’re doin

  2. my dear, from day one, you have been a nice person with a perfect personality which one, would wish to imitate. very loving, caring and intelligent more grace. really love the interview.

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