Celebrity Guest Week: Swanky “Yeshhy” Talks Motivation, Relationship and Glorious Modelling Career

Welcome to the special edition of our celebrity guest week, today I’m chilling with Swanky. You guys need to know this spontaneous, beautiful and high spirited sweetheart. When you talk about modelling or the representation of that elegant personality in the entertainment industry, this phenomenal lady should come first on your mind. Today we are having an interesting time after a long time of silence. And I’m blessed to kick-start this series once again with someone this intelligent.

Jdy: Now swanky, I know people will be eager to know at least a little about you, even briefly.

Swanky: First of all, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here. I’m Yeshhy Simon by name but my friends call me Swanky.  In summary, am from Adamawa state, Shelleng Local Government, Kanakuru by tribe.

Jdy: For how long have you been modelling?

Swanky: Let me just say I’m just starting, but modelling is a thing I always wanted.  I admire all the models, I love modelling, but this is my first time of modelling.

Jdy: Okay, what’s your moving-machine. Like, what made you choose this path in particular? What pushed you this time?

Swanky: I’ve been craving to be a model for a long time. I’ve been admiring models, and I want to be a part of a modelling agency in particular. I want to be a part of this movement that will provide for change in the local society and the world as a whole.

Jdy: I get that. That’s a particular motivation actually, a purpose-like motivation.

How do you feel about the controversy of the size 0 debate in the industry? Do you think being slim is totally necessary?

Swanky: I won’t say it’s necessary and I can’t say it’s not. Because sometimes you don’t have to be within the “size 0” limit, you don’t have to be that slim to be a model. Once you have the personality and motive to be a model, you can get there. You don’t even need to be perfect. Modeling is not about perfection, you walk towards perfection.

Jdy: I like that.

Let’s drift a bit. What did your parent first think of you being a model and were they supportive?

Swanky: {Chuckles} Okay, my parents are very cool, especially my mum. She’s my best friend. We talk heart to heart. I told her everything about me. She knows everything about me. So when I talk to her about this modeling stuff, she laughs first of all and said “You Yeshhy you want to model?” I said YES, she says okay, “I wish you all the best.” That’s what she said.

Jdy: So your parents are actually cool about it, right?

Swanky: Yes.

Jdy: Wow, so who’s your role model in the industry?

Swanky: Like in Adamawa state?

Jdy: Yes, let’s keep it simple.

Swanky: In Adamawa state my role model is Rheeta Gambiye, the former Miss Tourism Adamawa, also the New face of Nigeria models. I admire her a lot, she’s just wow.

Jdy: Definitely, she’s a kind of person with an admirable personality.

Swanky: Yes.

Jdy: Talking about modeling, some people tend to have limitations. Like the kind of clothing they are going to model with, what they are supposed to portray etc. Some models don’t like to go into everything. What would be your limitation? Would you model any kind of cloth?

Swanky: I’m very happy that you brought this up. You know, you don’t have to expose your body before you become a model. Especially in the African culture, you can dress decently and still kill it. We have this advantage and leverage of culture that you don’t need to expose every part of your body to become popular or get the attention of people. Even when you dress and cover your body, you can still be hot and people will admire your class. You can still promote African styles and culture. For example, African dresses. So exposing your body just in the name of being a model or a star… I don’t buy that idea.

Jdy: That’s refreshing.

Talking as a person, what’s your greatest weakness?

Swanky: My greatest weakness is when people don’t know how to approach heated situations. For example, a person did wrong, they don’t need to be approached or scolded in the public. Wrongs should be treated with humility and respect. Also, backbiting, and people talking behind your back, especially the ones I trust, makes me weak.

Jdy: In this case, how do you cope with pressure of being a model?

Swanky: Sometimes you just have to sacrifice some things. And in whatever you do, if you are not pressurized then you might not get the expected good from it. We just have to sacrifice some things you meet up with all expectations.

Jdy: I saw photo-shoots, the class, the beauty, everything was there. What was your feeling at your first photo-shoot as a model?

Swanky: During the photo-shoot session, there was the mixture of curiosity and anxiousness. When the pictures were sent to me, I was like wow, is this me? I showed my mom the pictures about ten times. She was like “See Yeshhy I’m tired of these pictures, could you stop showing me.” Because I can’t believe I was the one.

Jdy: Are you a narcissist?

Swanky: WOW, at some extent, yes. You know sometimes you just have to care about your looks.

Jdy: Looking at you from across, you are beautiful and all that. Would you ever date someone un-handsome or not handsome?

Swanky: First of all, love is a language.

Jdy: I can agree with that.

Swanky: For you to love somebody, that person doesn’t have to be handsome. Once that person has what you want then it’s okay. Some people only fall in love with physical looks, charisma and all that, but I don’t believe in that. Because there is a saying that goes “not all that glitters is gold.”  When you fall for someone that is just handsome, at the end of the day you may end up regretting. But once you fall in love with someone cool, with the characteristics you want, then it’s okay. That person doesn’t need to be handsome or ugly. Love conquers everything.

Jdy: WOW! I’d like to have a longer conversation but due to formal restraint we have to cut it short.

So Swanky, people would also like to know your grand goal as a model. What is your grand goal?

Swanky: I have so many goals but let me go straight to the point. My primary goal is to keep moving. I don’t want to stop here. I want to start from this level to the next, until I reach the peak of my ability.      

Jdy: So is there anything you would like to add? Just anything?

Swanky: I don’t have much to say. But I’d like to say that I love everyone, my fans, friends and everybody. Thanks for your support.

Jdy: Thank you for your time.

Swanky: Great to be here.


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  1. You go girl..and jdy thanks for coming back wt dis uniqueness again. Something pure from the north.

  2. Im a fan of this blog and i love the language power displayed whenever you host someone. Keep doing this pls, don’t change. As for swanky, she is going to make a great model I’d like ti meet her one day

  3. how tru is it dat all models are not suppose to be in a relationship….just want to know

    • Everyone at a point has to be in a relationship. Although in terms of avoiding distraction and focusing solely on the career, some choose not to be in a relationship. It all comes down to the kind of person the model is, and the person they choose to be in a relationship with. Some relationships can serve as an elevation, while some a total distraction. Hope I answered your question. @Pinna

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