Celebrity Guest, Daisy vs. Fashion: Aspiring “Miss Yola” Becomes Adorable with Exceptional Love for Fashion and Art

Today we are featuring someone unique and exceptional. Pwamona Babayi, popularly known as Daisy is an extreme fashion lover. This beautiful damsel’s love for fashion has shaped almost everything about her personality and what she has become as a person. Read on as Daisy tells us how fashion can change lives and how it can bring about the fulfillment that has been missing both in the entertainment industry and the general community.

Daisy: Am Pwamona Babayi, that’s my real name and Daisy is my English name, am from Fufure LGA, am based here in Adamawa. My education background, I started school in 2000 and graduated Secondary School in 2015. I schooled at Yola Model, Yola-Town. I wrote my WAEC at El-Shadai, where I graduated from.

Jdy: So you wrote WAEC at a different school?

Daisy: Yes

Jdy: Okay, for how long have you been on this ride?

Daisy: I started modelling since 2014 but since then I haven’t been on a contest or something official. Though my sister have been a fashion designer and in supporting her I have to be with her all the time.

Jdy: I guess that was when you developed an interest in modelling?

Daisy: Yes, that was how I developed an interest.

Jdy: Is it right to say that she’s been an inspiration for you?

Daisy: Let’s say she is behind everything, from the idea to the progress, although not officially acting as a model.

Jdy: But your heart has been there for long?

Daisy: Yes.

Jdy: Okay, apart from the love for fashion and art, what are you best known for among your friends?

Daisy: Am basically known with my lovable attitude.

Jdy: How so?

Daisy: I can relate easily with anybody that comes my way. I shouldn’t praise myself but I love being around people.

Jdy: You said you shouldn’t praise yourself but right now I am giving you the permission to brag to the core. I want you to tell me grandiloquently what you are proud of, and extensively?

Daisy: Am always being proud of myself because anytime am around friends everybody would like me to stick around. Nobody will be like “no she’s disgusting” or something like that.

Jdy: Okay, let me understand something here; Do they like your personality or physique?

Daisy: They both like my personality and the way I am. They love me a lot.

Jdy: What are your kind of people?

Daisy: I don’t have any specifications for being with friends, I like being with the ladies and the guys. Most especially being with the guys, am very interested with that, because they all love the way I am and they will all the time get close to me no matter how I do things.

Jdy: That’s about how you relate and its interesting. Now am talking for example, if you are a music lover, when you meet someone with a uniform taste for music you connect automatically. I mean, what kind of people do you connect easily with?

Daisy: Am always together with most of my artists. Those that I love very much, most especially the Future Gang Family, and Martino as well.

Jdy: Are you a social media person?

Daisy: Yes.

Jdy: Good. What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen posted on Facebook?

Daisy: Wow, a lot of my friends especially those I have on my “friends lists” do share a lot of personal things like being in love, and I dislike that. Sharing everything on Facebook, showing it out for people to know doesn’t make it impressive at all

Jdy:  That’s right. What’s your best colour?

Daisy: Pink

Jdy: How would you describe a pink colour to a blind person?

Daisy: Pink colour is the best colour, it make things beautiful, creates attraction.

Jdy: Do you have a goal in progress?

Daisy: My goal is to reach out to those that always like entertaining themselves. Those in fashion, and all aspect of life. To bring out the best and showing it to people that yeah, being a fashion lover is not something wrong. In fact, focusing on it is the best thing.

Jdy: You talk about fashion with passion, if I may ask, how would fashion affect us as people? What would become so important about fashion that will affect lives positively?

Daisy: In every aspect of life, most especially in the life of ladies, fashion is very important . Because a lot of ladies go into fashion for the looks, which is very important. When something new comes out and they wear, everybody will be attracted to them. They will always focus on what would bring the attention, and so it is very important to them.

Jdy: Some people say fashion is character, what would you say about that?

Daisy: Yes, fashion is character, as I said, ladies always love fashion. When you see a lady without something fashionable to keep her attractive…she will be like “wow am not looking good today” and they would always have the intention to go on it.  So it is something they would be bothered about all the time, so it affects their character.

Jdy: Looking at both sides, do you think physical looks should determine a lady’s self-esteem?

Daisy: No, it shouldn’t. Because in the aspect of fashion, it is something on the “outside-mind” of a person. So, within a person, honesty, your loving heart, your kind heart, and all those stuffs that have to do with your inner-mind is involved in living as a person in this world. So fashion is not something that should determine everything, your inner-mind has to be in line with some of the things you have to do.

Jdy: What do you love most about being a model?

Daisy: Modelling can always be a part of life in the aspect of giving out, and bringing to your feelings close to what you love most and fashion. and i love modelling because it keeps you attractive. apart from being attractive it also brings out your personality, the good things in you to the outside world to see and benefit.

Jdy: We’ve talked a lot but since we are talking North-East, lets drift a bit towards the term “peace.” What first comes on your mind on hearing the phrase?

Daisy: How to bring peace within my community and always focus on things that will unite the community.

Jdy: In what ways would you use your influence as a model to unite the community?

Daisy: In the case of conflict, the major thing is about bringing people together and sorting things out to stop the intention of revenge. So it is all about bringing people together and knowing their minds; what led to the conflict and what is happening. By doing that we would achieve unity, and peace will reign.

Jdy: I was made to understand that you are among the aspiring models for the 2018 Miss Yola Pageantry. What makes you think you are fit for the position?

Daisy: I think I have all it takes to be on the contest. And what motivates me a lot was that every time I sat down and think of how I would be helpful to the community, how I would be able to bring life to the lifeless, and helping around, I think of a proper position to achieve that. The poor people living in the streets need a helping hand as well, and every time life becomes hard for people they may start doing something bad. Being in the negative part of life is something really bad, and it will affect the community.  What motivates me a lot is to bring peace within the community and to work on it perfectly.


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