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Why do people change so fast?

Why do people only like you when they think you both are the same but decide to hate when they realize you are a step above them?
I think everyone has some sort of inferiority complex towards success and differences, or let me just say perceived success. There’s a situation whereby you are becoming a better person and your friends instead of being proud of you, will start hating and all opposing.

Confessions of a Mystery Woman: All of my married friends cheat on their wives with ME

They’ll sneak away for the weekend, ignoring all family commitments, drink in the bars and spend the rest of the time with the next best woman in their lives: me!

I value these friendships, although it’s freaky inappropriate.

I enjoy this friendship, because of the taboo, and it’s thrilling.

I’m a bit of a little secret from their real lives and I know that.

I’m their mistress, their pleasure queen. The forbidden pleasure.

They invite, and it’s good news to me.

I invite, and it feels good to wait.

The weekend is coming, a time to get into more trouble. Or at least, a time to get a husband into a trouble.

Friday morning: emails and calls from the naughty good friends.

Friday night, they just know the drill. They just know where to hang out. Just the way you know where your REAL woman is.

Though she (the wife) is officially first, now am the number 1, the best woman of her husband.

From the initial contact, it was a curious desire.

And now it’s a new family, a new groom! A newly wedded, a new client. I just feel it, and it’s thrilling.

Over the edge will I take him. Never to forget his task, the weekend nights.

I will take him to the newest restaurant, the sweetest, to a place where his wife’s food will never be remembered.

A place of instant temptation…at least for a fantasy.

I’ll show him that I’m the woman that every married man craves, and he’s lucky to have this night.

Though it’s covetous, I know it’s a plan to help the poor hungry FRIEND…

But more exciting, his wife is my friend!

A husband to a friend, and now he’s a friend…a good one.

He knows he’d be out to do things his legal half never allowed him to do.

I normally feel little cheap, but I can’t resist the call. And when it doesn’t come, I force myself to it.

I know what I can get, where and when to get it.

I know what I deserve, my desire knows everything. My body decides everything.

I’m not a part of a family, but a real source of joy and fulfillment…at least on the weekend nights.

I suggest lies…

Yes I teach them how to lie to their wives…just to make the night successful.

Just to see it coming over and over again, and every weekend.

When can he get away from work and all the boring family responsibilities…? I’ll make a plan.

Meet him at the appointed bar, set the stage on, and have my way.

The drinks and meats set him high…

High above the fear of getting caught, now or later, by the woman next to me in his life….his wife…

Or maybe his in-law’s, good friends or relatives

Now on the desired influence; He begins to explore…

Venting out exactly what I want to hear; the lack of sex in his married life.

He’s not happy: so now it’s the time to be his QUEEN OF TIME…taking him back to his pleasure years and forward to the fulfillment of his fantasies.

We’re friends, and I’d be glad to do what a good friend DOES, to help out.

I feel justified, I feel the pity, and I feel the excitement.

I feel the guilt, I feel the emptiness, I feel the ecstasy.

The night was fulfilling, but what happens the morning after?

Another client.

I still want to help another friend!

Oh no, a text??

I’m invited.

It’s like an obligation, a task for the weekend night.

It’s Saturday, with a thrilling promise…another night for the mystery woman.

Although, we’re all getting something out of this, I’m my friend’s mistress.

No they’re not using me, we’re using each other.

Husbands of my friends, the career women.

Husbands of my friends, the preservative women.

The women that lost their husbands for long even as they’re still together.

He’s now calm and happy, and she wonders!

She’s just happy, I made her happy, because I made her husband happy, but with a hidden secret.

This is a story from a woman.

A woman that lost it.

She lost her morality.

She has no husband, and live to take away husbands

She lost her husband, even before he married her.

No one proposed to her, because every man knows who she is..

Her female friends are wondering why,

Why is she still single?

But she knows why,

She becomes friends with her female friend’s husbands…and maintains the friendship with a hidden secret.

She never got married…

She’ll never get married…

She knows it, she knows her life is dooming,

She knows she don’t deserve it,

She knows she don’t deserve a decent man

She knows she don’t deserve to be home,

Just like other women of same endeavor, she knows her destiny.

It’s practical and predictable….

…the fate of every mystery woman.

I Made My First Paycheck at 16

20160419_124648-1If you’re 18 and still think you are too young to start being valuable and getting paid, well let me break it for you…I made my first paycheck when I was just 16. Just because nobody’s doin it around doesn’t mean you cannot be the first person to do it. I don’t have a desire to be just comfortable and contented. My desire is to be in an industry where I can control things, make and break things if necessary. I want to be the one in control. I don’t want circumstances to determine where I go or who I hang out with. ideale I don’t want recession, lack or society-prone insecurities to affect me Hello or the people that matter to me. The only way to achieve that is to be out of the world, to be an higher achiever regardless of age or time. I want to have influence over what comes in or goes out of my society. I want control. The only way to be in control is to be successful and independent, so people will depend on you, directly or indirectly. Being a man wasn’t an option but definite. Now back to the main talk! I created value that earned me a check when I JDY was just 16. Yeah, I think I’ve been an entrepreneur from the womb, or maybe I like numbers with a plus sign. You don’t need to start living the American dream from your first day, nobody succeeds on the first day you just need to start and you keep on climbing. Your speed depends only on your consistency and how well you understand the technicality involved on each step. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but after the fall, I make sure to pick the lessons and rise along with them.

So you’re not too young or too old to start making difference in your life. Ask me why? It’s not just about you. Mostly, it’s not I even about you. It’s about the lives you are going to save and the number Paris of smiles you will invent on different faces. When you make a positive difference in your life, people get affected and that’s what matters.