10 Ways to Instantly Build Self-Confidence

Life begins at the point where self-confidence is assured. The feel total certainty and definiteness of purpose brings about enormous breakthrough in career and business. At a particular stage you don’t need to convince people that you are trustworthy when you have confidence and it is well defined through your behavior.

In order to create effect in our life and the life of people around us, there is a level of influence that needs to be achieved. This starts from within, creating an outline of the kind of life you want to live and following through, not allowing people’s disapproval to affect your speed or direction.

Boost Self-Confidence

1. Work on your physique

Your physical appearance tells more about who you are; therefore your mind responds to the interpretations determining your feelings. The aim is to look better than most people in order to feel attractive and good.

Create a workout schedule and have a discipline to follow through. Get a work-out partner to push to create a support system when you feel unmotivated. Look for a person already committed so that you will learn and be motivated at the same time.

The purpose is to achieve a healthy level of coolness.

2. Help other people.

Go out of your way to make other people feel good. When we do something positive for people we tend to feel good within ourselves. Do the simplest things possible; don’t stress just care.

Also compliment other people on the little things they do. Do not gossip or talk behind them, instead talk about the best you see in them and the possibility of them being better.

People will like you for being straightforward positive and will confide in you, therefore becoming more important in your circle. The feeling of importance regulates your poise and in turn, self-confidence.

3. Dress to kill

Timidity comes as a result of intimidation and self-confidence is built when our physical appearance represents the moment. We are in a fashion era and what you wear can boost your confidence to the roof top.

Avoid expensive outfit but wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself.  Wear something comfortable to enhance your public demeanor.

On the other hand, do not buy cheap clothes, instead by few high quality ones and go for a designer once in a while. Stay in style, shave and wear a good perfume to compliment the outfit.

4. Lead from the front line

Lack of confidence is a challenge to go against. Back benchers seek for security not comfort. They don’t want to be the center of attention because they don’t think they are equipped.

Apart from increasing your focus on what is going on, sitting in the front row makes you more visible and you are going to be seen as the important people among the audience.

Start by doing second row, and then try the first. Once you start sitting in the front row the lack of confidence holding you back will be eliminated and you will be surprised how you will improve in other aspects.

5. Contribute selflessly

We are often consumed by our wants and desires that we forget about the needs of people around us. Our focus is blinded by our flaws and the need to improve. So we avoid a situation again and again that we forget people can actually help us achieve what we want.

Donate or volunteer to make your neighborhood a better place. Support other people to reach their potentials, you will realize how lucky and blessed you are, and another skill of yours might be discovered in the process.

6. Start speaking

Say something stupid, make people laugh and laugh along. Don’t be afraid to contribute with your analysis or perspective in a group discussion. Most of the people in the room have not been where you’ve been and have not seen what you’ve seen.

You have different way of assimilating information which makes your ideas unique.

The good news is everybody has similar fears. The people that are speaking just talk because they feel the need to be the center of attention.

Instead of struggling to make an effort to speak, fight for the spotlight. Ge all the attention to yourself and be assertive with your opinions.

7. Employ good posture

Avoid folding your arms while having a conversation. Face the person with your feet facing them and your body towards them, and when it’s your turn to speak, use your arms to demonstrate.

Don’t allow people to perceive a lack of self-confidence from you. Make an eye contact to show that you are alert. Stand straight to show that you are empowered. Keep your head up to display a peculiar self-confidence.

8. Walk fast

Fast achievers don’t have time to contemplate. They walk fast with a definiteness of purpose. When you see them in public, you can’t find a single doubt about their movement. All you will see is a confident person minding his business and walking fast to finish a given task.

The story told by the way they carry themselves gives everyone the impression they have something important going on, and this consequently improves the respect they have and self-confidence.

9. Be thankful

We prayed for a lot of things and still don’t have them. Every day we walk-up, something tells us we can be lucky but deep inside we know it is realistically impossible to achieve that kind of life. So our self-confidence gets flushed, especially around people we think are doing better than us.

Count your blessings and you will never reach the end of the numbers. Appreciate what you have and be thankful for the luxury you have that someone has no access. Your life is someone else’s wishes and dreams.

Think about your skills, potentials, education, past breakthroughs and your position financially. There is so much to appreciate, enough to motivate us to run towards success nonstop.

10. Affirmation

You have strength, strong potentials, unique skills and goals to use all these assets for the achievement of your success. Write about them on a notepad or a piece of paper and read it to yourself every morning before you go out.

Look in the mirror to see the intelligent sexy person you wish to date, smile and be glad to have you.


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