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Ladidi Ishaku Dominates the Miss Yola BEAUTY Contest and Emerges a Winner

The “Miss Confident” have disproved the notion of only-slim-to-fashion by dominating the online votes and also wowing the judges with her charms during the Yola Carnival event. Ladidi who was introduced almost late to the contest took everyone by surprise as she emerges as the winner of the miss yola peagentry held on 2nd July, at the Ahmadu Ribadu College, Yola.

10 Things to Do In Lagos to Make Fast Money

Lagos is clearly the most populated city in Nigeria, with over 20 million people. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Lagos population rises by 85 people every hour. With the high population comes the high opportunity for profitable capitalism. Many products and services are already in demand. The only thing left is for you to recognize and determine which area of expertize you can handle. Also, with vast varieties and level of needs, you can easily fit into any market without stress.