About Me


Hi, I am Joshua. Passionate about writing, photography and psychology, writing has always been the one thing that I can do for life. Join me as I explore the incredible beauty of words and how our behaviours are affected by them.
I have written for the past 4 years and have my articles featured in several newspapers for my love of lyrics and poems. Writing is my way of self-expression when there is no one around that can understand what you are going through. The happiest time is when I can speak out what is on my mind. Writing serves as the fulfillment of that happiness. My heart is filled with the passion for sharing quality knowledge and information.

People often ask me if I am looking for a job or a reliable career apart from writing. I tell myself that nothing can be more disturbing than a 9 to 5 job down the line. So, my life focus is creative writing and I’m set on a mission to impact the world positively with a unique voice.

What else do I want to do?
• I want to be a writer long-term
• Put into writing things happening in my life and around me
• Look through people’s perspective
• Learn from my mistakes and be able to celebrate every little success

Writing for me is not just a passion but a style of living. I started with a hardcover notepad with a pen, now my Tablet device notepad serves as a tool for recording down events as well as professional writing. I love to do unexpected things, things people think am incapable of doing.

How do I plan to make my career a success?

Distancing myself from the so called disciplined and educated is my first biggest achievement as a young man. My heart is fixed on creating a life where what others say won’t matter, instead what you do and the product of your decisions and choices. Being a Nigerian, it is hard to keep a working principle alive due to the internal instability but I keep my head held high, above the sea level and never allowed myself to get drowned. In the course of my first degree, am realizing that the only way to have a stable life is to be open about new information rather than being myopic. Never close your mind from new information and never be too proud to ask questions, because only asking makes you so different.

My parents are religiously supportive of my decisions and always encourage that I should “just make sure you are doing the right thing…” they always thought that my passion is something to be created and have to be followed in all righteousness. For me education is a lifestyle, I consume it every day and feed people around me with it.

Overtime I learned that to depend on people is a great limitation. Wisdom demands that once you reach a certain stage in life you should prove yourself. And only a man of responsibility takes responsibility.

Want to learn more?

There is a stage in life where certain failures will become impossible. So, do whatever you wish to do when you have the opportunity. Reach for that thing you think you don’t deserve. Run the race with all determination and focus. There’s no time to wait for permission. When you believe it, everything becomes possible.